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This Chris Paul off-the-backboard pass doesn't even make any sense

If this was intentional, it's spectacular. If it wasn't, it was still cool.

Here is what we know: Chris Paul threw this lob, and Blake Griffin caught it and scored.

Here are the potential options here:

1. CP3 pulled up at the three-point line, noticed that Griffin had Josh Smith sealed off, but was concerned that if he merely threw the ball over the top, it'd either end up out of bounds or hit the rim. So he decided to throw the ball -- from the three point line! At a strange angle! -- and threw the ball perfectly, with the right precision and touch to fall perfectly to Griffin.

2. Chris Paul totally messed up this pass and somehow it worked out.

With 99 percent of players, we'd assume the second one, but Paul is inventive and talented enough that the second is somehow possible. Either way, this was a neat play and we will reward CP3 5,000 style points in NBA Street Vol. 2.

SB Nation presents: Chris Paul's epic performance