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Kendrick Perkins involved in domestic dispute, according to police reports

The Cavaliers' big man and his wife were pulled over on the side of a road, according to the Westlake Police Department. A 911 caller suggested Perkins' wife instigated the dispute.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kendrick Perkins was involved in an alleged domestic dispute in the city of Westlake, Ohio, according to police reports obtained by SB Nation. Police pulled Perkins over after a 911 caller reported a roadside disturbance, saying a woman appeared to be hitting Perkins. No charges have been filed, though a report has been submitted to the Westlake City Prosecutor for review.

Police responded to a 911 caller suggested that Vanity Perkins, Kendrick's wife, was the one who instigated the dispute outside the car.

"It looks like he was trying to get out and the person, which I think was a woman, was trying to pull him back, like grabbing him and pulling him back in," according to audio of the 911 call.

"Looks like the woman is hitting the man and he's trying to get out of the car parked on the side of the road," the caller continued.

Both Kendrick and Vanity Perkins claimed it was a "verbal altercation" when questioned by police. Kendrick Perkins was given a ride back home, while Vanity Perkins continued in the car the two were originally in.

The Cavaliers are aware of the incident, but have not commented further yet.

Perkins and the Cavaliers just played Game 5 in their series against the Chicago Bulls at home on Tuesday night. They will travel to face the Bulls in Game 6 in Chicago on Thursday.