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LSU, facing bankruptcy, is spending millions on a lazy river

Ooh fun!

Amid rumors of "financial exigency," LSU has decided the best use of their limited funds is to build a sick lazy river that spells out LSU!

The university claims this will attract new students and retain the ones currently at the school. It will go up as part of a complete revamping of LSU's athletic and recreational facilities. Construction began in November and its anticipated end date is 2016.

While the problem with building a Disney resort feature in the face of financial ruin might seem obvious, student body president Andrew Mahtook says there's actually no conflict of interest, because the pool's funding comes from student fees:

"It doesn’t touch the funding that goes into teachers salaries, funds courses, or anything like that," Mahtook said. "The funding for ‘lazy river’ was voted on by the student body as an approved self-assessment fee."

Whether or not that argument holds water (like a pool!) remains to be seen. The only thing I know for sure is that I've never been more interested in college athletics.

(via EAG News)