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2015 MLB All-Star Game hats leaked

Warning: there are stripes.

Edit: Apparently these hats were all fake. Faaaaaaake! Apologies.

For the last couple of years, Major League Baseball and New Era have teamed up to do some pretty ... funky (yeah, that's it) stuff to baseball caps used for special events.

Ball clubs have special hats for batting practice, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day ... you get the picture. Different caps have also been used for the All-Star Game festivities, sans the game itself, in recent seasons.

Last year, special caps designed after the Minnesota Twins helmets of the 1970s and '80s were worn during the Home Run Derby and All-Star workouts. The same type of tradition-meets-modern-day treatment will be given to the All-Star caps this year:

What do you think of these caps with an old-school Cincinnati Reds flair?