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Pretty Good: Larry Walters' flying lawn chair adventure

It's 1982, and Larry Walters of North Hollywood is sitting in a lawn chair. He has a BB gun, a radio and some sandwiches. He is floating 15,000 feet above Los Angeles. He is in trouble.

Welcome to Pretty Good, a YouTube show about stories I think are pretty good.

This story concerns Larry Walters, also known as Lawn Chair Larry. He went on his adventure 33 years ago, and most do not remember him. Most who do remember him as a legend. Enjoy! This video costs $785 to view.

Written, illustrated, produced and narrated by Jon Bois.

CB audio recording acquired via, a top source for original research on Larry Walters' flight.
GoPro footage: Kristoffer Örstadius/YouTubesivrot/YouTube

Song credits:
"Dark Star" by Poliça
"Toccata" by Jaga Jazzist
"See Me On Top" by Big K.R.I.T.
"Hawk" by Broadcast
"Blame It On The Tetons" by Modest Mouse

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