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Aaron Hernandez got a huge 'LIFETIME' neck tattoo in prison

Aaron Hernandez has already commemorated his life sentence with a tattoo.

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez appeared in a courtroom for the first time since being found guilty of first-degree murder in mid-April, and he showed up with a large, new neck tattoo that appears to read "LIFETIME." Ian Rapoport, however, claims that the entire tattoo -- the bottom is not visible -- reads "LIFETIME LOYALTY."

Here's a before-and-after view:

Lifetime is how long Hernandez will spend in prison -- his murder conviction came with a mandatory life sentence with no opportunity for parole.

Hernandez was in court for a witness intimidation trial after he allegedly shot a friend who made a remark about his involvement in a 2012 double homicide. He pleaded not guilty to the charges Thursday.

Hernandez has been busy in his month behind bars: He has reportedly received discipline for his role as a lookout in a prison fight. He also reportedly has a new tattoo on his hand.