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Rockets fans should be worried.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Rockets lost on a James Harden turnover... and Lil B immediately had this to say:

The curse is on.

ORIGINAL POST: The NBA is not rigged. Rather, rapper/entertainer/Twitter personality/car-parker/Based God Lil B sits and decides who shall prosper and who shall fail. He spins the strings of NBA fate. And it appears Lil B frowns upon James Harden.

As we all know, Lil B cursed Kevin Durant after a tweet by Durant about Lil B's music. Durant's career has never been the same: he spent much of this year injured and Oklahoma City missed the playoffs, thanks entirely to Lil B's curse.

And now, a new target:

Lil B is referring to his famous cooking dance, which as you may notice, looks suspiciously like James Harden's "stirring the pot" celebration.

Lil B hails from the Bay Area and even tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, Golden State's D-League affiliate, so he's already got reason to root against James Harden now that the Rockets and Warriors are facing off in the Western Conference Finals. Houston fans are begging Lil B for mercy.

As a Lil B expert, we feel that the Based God has not yet placed #THEBASEDGODSCURSE on James Harden, nor has he publicly threatened a curse. But it's certainly within the realm of possibility. Watch out, Rockets fans.