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NCAA Baseball Tournament 2015 bracket announced: UCLA, LSU top the field

The road to Omaha is set.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Let's do some postseason baseball, y'all. The selection committee released its field of 64 on Monday, officially setting the bracket for the 2015 NCAA Baseball Tournament.

The top eight teams -- UCLA, LSU, Louisville, Florida, Miami, Illinois, TCU and Missouri State, in that order -- are national seeds, meaning they'll host super regionals if they get out of the first round. The other eight host teams for the regionals are Cal State Fullerton, Dallas Baptist, Florida State, Houston, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt and UC Santa Barbara.

So here's how this works: four teams head to every host site and play a double elimination first round. The winner of each regional then advances to a super regional, where they play a best of three against one other team. The last eight teams standing head to Omaha for the College World Series, which mimics the regional round.

Here is the complete field. National seeds are in parentheses.

Los Angeles regional

(1) UCLA

2. Ole Miss

3. Maryland

4. Cal State Bakersfield

Baton Rouge regional

(2) LSU

2. UNC Wilmington

3. Tulane

4. Lehigh

Louisville regional

(3) Louisville

2. Bradley

3. Michigan

4. Morehead State

Gainesville regional

(4) Florida

2. Florida Atlantic

3. South Florida

4. Florida A&M

Coral Gables regional

(5) Miami

2. ECU

3. Columbia

4. FIU

Champaign regional

(6) Illinois

2. Notre Dame

3. Wright State

4. Ohio

Fort Worth regional

(7) TCU

2. NC State

3. Stony Brook

4. Sacred Heart

Springfield regional

(8) Missouri State

2. Iowa

3. Oregon

4. Canisius

Fullerton regional

1. Cal State Fullerton

2. Arizona State

3. Clemson

4. Pepperdine

Dallas regional

1. Dallas Baptist

2. Oregon State

3. Texas

4. VCU

Tallahassee regional

1. Florida State

2. College of Charleston

3. Auburn

4. Mercer

Houston regional

1. Houston

2. Rice

3. Louisiana-Lafayette

4. Houston Baptist

Stillwater regional

1. Oklahoma State

2. Arkansas

3. Oral Roberts

4. St. John's

College Station regional

1. Texas A&M

2. Coastal Carolina

3. California

4. Texas Southern

Nashville regional

1. Vanderbilt

2. Radford

3. Indiana

4. Lipscomb

Lake Elsinore regional

1. UC Santa Barbara

2. USC

3. Virginia

4. San Diego State