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Calgary mayor settles bet by singing 'Let It Go' following Flames' loss to Ducks

He could have sang it by himself, but the mayor decided to make his "Let It Go" rendition be the best damn one ever.

During the Western Conference semifinals, Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi made a bet with Anaheim mayor Tom Tait that he would sing in public while wearing an old Mighty Ducks jersey if the Ducks beat the Flames. Mayor Nenshi made good on that bet by singing "Let It Go" from Frozen. But he didn't do it alone:

Nenshi sang a few lines of the Idina Menzel song himself, then lowered his microphone to chest level as a large cast of local performers joined him for a Disneyfied council performance.

Donning an older-style Ducks jersey, Nenshi was joined a capella band The Heebee-jeebees as he kicked off his performance. They were later joined by REVV 52, On Cue, the Calgary Children’s Choir, the Cowtown Opera, beatboxer James "Peterpot" McInnis and the Stampede Showband.

Mayor Nenshi also donated to Anaheim's at-risk youth project Accelerate Change Together. Sorry for the loss, Calgary. But thank you for this wonderfully awkward moment starring your mayor.

(via Calgary Herald; h/t r/NHL)