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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather full fight video highlights

Floyd Mayweather improved to 48-0 with a unanimous decision victory against Manny Pacquiao. Here are highlights of the much anticipated bout.

Following a five-year build up, the hype leading into the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was astronomical. Billed as the fight of the century and what Mayweather called the biggest fight of all time, it would have taken an all-time classic, 12-round battle for the anticipation to pay off. The two fighters went 12 rounds, but there wasn't much of a battle as Mayweather remained in control throughout and claimed the unanimous decision victory.

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While each boxer had flurries of success landing punches, there were no knockdowns and neither came close to a knockout. Some fans -- and even Mike Tyson -- came away underwhelmed by the result, but the fight was very much a classic Floyd Mayweather show. Hype on top of hype leading up to the event followed by a tactical, surgeon-like defensive effort to claim the victory. Pacquiao looked plenty quick and strong, but Mayweather's defense stifled Pacquiao's ability to land punches. Mayweather's defense was so good he even shook his head and appeared to say "nope" to Pacquiao after the challenger attempted to land a flurry of punches.

Mayweather's defense allowed him to avoid damage and eliminate any chance Pacquiao had of landing a knockout shot, but Mayweather didn't sit back the entire fight. He picked his spots and used a solid jab and straight right hand to outland Pacquiao, 148-81, on the night.

The entire fight was a 12-round example of why Mayweather is the undefeated champion. As great as Pacquiao has been during his career, he wasn't good enough on Saturday night to really even threaten handing Mayweather his first professional loss.