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If you paid $100 for Mayweather-Pacquiao, you're a chump

A record number of people paid a record amount of money to watch a guy with no interest in punching fight against a guy with an injured shoulder. A record number of people are chumps.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was billed as the fight of the century. In reality, it was boring as hell. Mayweather conservatively and methodically dominated. Pacquiao was hopeless, mainly punching the air, and he revealed after the fight he had an injured shoulder.

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If you were smart, you realized this fight would be boring, and decided not to pay the record $100 pay-per-view to watch it.

If you're a chump, you did pay for it. You gave a decent amount of money to watch something that in retrospect, you might not watch if it was free. We're sorry that you were dumb enough to do this, and we sincerely hope you learn from the experience.

I don't call Mayweather's victory "boring" to take away from Floyd Mayweather's skill. As our Luke Thomas said, this fight firmly established that Mayweather is the greatest boxer of this generation. He just stepped in the ring against a furious tornado of powerful punches and his face barely got touched. It's incredible.

But it isn't exciting. Mayweather knew he was the better boxer, and didn't put himself in a position to get beaten. He never came out swinging. He never tried for a knockout. The result was a fight with practically no drama. Mayweather was calmly in control for the majority of the match.

Who could've predicted this? Oh, EVERYBODY? Deadspin's Iron Mike Gallego summarized it solidly in January, before the fight was even booked:

What does this mean? Another dull, boring Mayweather decision, another massive Mayweather payday, and another boxing fan wondering why he or she plunked down $100 to see that.

Sure enough! Here you are, wondering why you plunked that cash down.

Mayweather is going to retire never having fought somebody on his level. The trick he pulls is convincing you that he's about to fight somebody on his level. In this case, it was past-his-prime Manny Pacquiao, six years after this fight should've happened.

But it's worse! Because this wasn't even Manny Pacquiao at full strength. Pacquiao's team claims Manny has a tear in his shoulder, and had for almost a month, and that he'll need surgery on it.

Some think this is just a way saving face after a bad performance. But let's believe them for a second: they're telling us that they asked an injured boxer to give it a shot against an all-time great with an injured shoulder.

This is not a sound boxing decision. It is, however, a spectacular decision when you get $100 million just for showing up. Manny Pacquiao got $100 million for showing up.

If you had known Pacquiao had an injured shoulder, you probably wouldn't have paid $100 for the fight. But they didn't tell you that. They let you pay, let Pacquiao fight, then told you. They made you a chump for thinking this was a contest between two greats at their best.

Floyd Mayweather is smart. It's not his job to fight somebody who should beat him. It's not his job to give that person an opportunity to give that opportunity to beat him by fighting brashly. It's his job to win and get paid. And he did.

Manny Pacquiao and his team are smart too. They knew they had to make this show go on, even if Pacquiao was hurt.

You, however, are a chump. You paid more money than anybody has ever paid for a pay-per-view to watch a fight guaranteed to be boring. Mayweather and Pacquiao were happy to take your money, and you were happy to give it to them.

We tried to warn you. We tried to tell you that you could've bought all these cool things with that money. We tried to tell you that you could've donated money to a charity benefitting victims of domestic violence shelter instead of giving money to Mayweather, a serial abuser of women. This time, you opted not to listen. You opted to pay for a bad fight. For this, we are obligated to tell you that you are a chump.

You have a chance to redeem yourself. The next time somebody's asking you to fork over your hard-earned cash for something that will surely suck, we will be here, telling you to keep that money. It's your choice whether to listen or accept permanent chump status.

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