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Kyle Farnsworth is a defensive lineman now, and he leads his team in sacks

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He leads the Orlando Phantoms in tackles, too.

He puts the glasses over the helmet, probably.
He puts the glasses over the helmet, probably.
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Farnsworth is ... listen, there are a lot of descriptions that walk a fine line between libelous and accurate, so let's just say that he's different. He could take your nose off with one well-placed karate chop, and then he would probably do something weird with the nose.

So it's completely bizarre and perfectly logical that 321 days after throwing his last major league pitch, the 39-year-old Farnsworth is leading his Florida Football Alliance team in sacks and tackles.

We're talking real, minor league, tackle football with with big dudes. Of course Farnsworth is thriving. Of course he is.

We should have seen this coming, really:

Farnsworth can't stop racky-tacking people, even when baseball has no more use for him.

(Hat-tip to Marc Topkin, via Mike Axisa)