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Cavaliers players disagree with David Blatt's short rotations, per report

Cleveland has several NBA champions on their bench and some players think they should play more.

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We've seen the Warriors add a player to the rotation -- David Lee -- and change the momentum of the NBA Finals. In the Cleveland locker room, some players feel the same thing could be done, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst.

The Cavaliers bench is full of veterans who have played little to none at all this series, including Mike Miller, Shawn Marion and Kendrick Perkins. All three were rotation players on championship teams in the past decade and some Cavaliers players believe they could help, per Windhorst.

Giving minutes to Perkins seems unlikely because he'd be an unmitigated disaster against the Warriors' constant small ball, without a player to guard or any real influence to make defensively. Shawn Marion makes more sense. Even with retirement pending this summer, he can be a versatile defender when he's playing his best and occasionally score a bucket, and he's "especially itching" to get a chance, per the report.

Miller has played 14 minutes combined in Games 2, 3 and 4, taking a grand total of one three-point attempts in his time on the floor. However, he has a history of big moments in the finals with James in Miami. Perhaps his veteran savvy and ability to make threes without one shoe can come up big for Cleveland.

Playoff experience -- and NBA Finals experience, specifically -- is important, but the Cavaliers aren't the team who have looked nervous on the big stage. Until Game 4, the Warriors hadn't found the usual rhythm of their brand of motion basketball.

But tied 2-2 with the momentum firmly planted on Golden State's side, David Blatt would be wise to try anything that might help.

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