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Dear Cardinals fans, this is why nobody likes you

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The St. Louis Cardinals being investigated for hacking is instigating the same reaction from baseball fans that NFL fans had towards the Patriots. Some Cardinals fans are relishing in the comparison.

Make no mistake: "Haters" aren't enjoying the fact people are potentially facing federal charges for hacking, it's because of arrogant Cardinals fans ceaselessly reminding everyone else that they're "the best," and doing things "the right way." Of course when the team gets caught for behaving badly they'll be reminded that they did things the wrong way.

Some fans think other teams are jealous that they didn't think of hacking the Astros in first place -- something they never needed to do.

Or a federal agent risking their career and reputation to influence baseball.

The list goes on ...

Here's the deal Cardinals fans: Sure, you could keep pursuing this line of thought that everyone are "haters," but maybe be introspective for a second, OK? You have a great baseball team and a die-hard fan base, the team messed up. That's it -- no conspiracy, no Zapruder film. Let this situation be a lesson in humility, then the next time something happens there wont be quite as many "haters."

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