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Man, these new Clippers uniforms are straight garbage and should be burned

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Normally, when a team comes out with the new jersey, my reaction is "Hey, that looks cool!" Generally, teams pay talented design people to make cool-looking things and they do a good job because they are good at their jobs. Today I woke up and saw the Clippers' new uniforms and I vomited until my spleen came out of my mouth. Here, look at these practice uniforms:

Wait... those aren't the practice uniforms? Those are the real uniforms? They're gonna wear those in games? On TV?

APPARENTLY SO. And they are real!

The logos were clearly designed on the only design app ever developed for the Moto Razr:

The Clippers' old uniforms were everything nice about uniforms:

The script is elegant. With the cursive and the slanted wordmark over an offset number, it's reminiscent of a lot of classic baseball uniforms, like the Cardinals or Braves. They're pretty. Everything goes together, nothing clashes.

There is nothing good about the new uniforms. They're supposed to look dynamic, but instead they look like they were designed by somebody who drives a Pontiac Aztek. Every aspect of them is clunky. The red-white-and-blue color scheme, perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing part of the old uniforms, is an afterthought -- the home uni relegates colors to the underlines of the enormous, block-lettered logo, and the road uni only features blue on the outside of the big square logo. The side-by-side logo and uniform numbers on the road uniform is a new, nontraditional look. Now we know why most teams don't use it!

Take it away, Twitter:


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