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These are the heroes who keep The Undertaker's Wikipedia page accurate

A list of the most-edited pages on Wikipedia from Vox revealed one curious name -- The Undertaker. More popular than Playstation, edited more lovingly than the entire United Kingdom. There are people who exist to spend countless hours ensuring the completeness and accuracy of an almost-retired wrestler's Wiki. Let's go down this rabbit hole.

The group of editors are a family and like any family, they fight. Sometimes it's about hair:

AmericanDad86: "This is notable in that it was the first time he was seen as the Deadman without his long hair as the long hair was a part of the Deadman gimmick"

Phieuxghazzieh: "um, no. undertaker got rid of his long hair in 2001"

If there was an award for Wikipedia editors "AmericanDad86" would win, hands down. In the last 30 days he has contributed a total of 66 edits to The Undertaker's page, almost exclusively in the section titled "Undertaker character." AmericanDad86 also spends his time editing the Judith Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy) page.


The most down-voted edit to The Undertaker's page is a change to his signature moves from three months ago. One user listed a "back body drop," and the community was not pleased -- voting against it over 4,000 times. The most up-voted edit? A section detailing The Undertaker's "druid" servants.

When editors are happy they give each other virtual pie. Seriously.


The darkest day for The Undertaker Wikipedia page came on April 7, 2014. It was the day after Wrestlemania XXX and the edits were fast, furious and people were angry -- all because the streak ended.


Thankfully things are better now. These are happier times. Now the biggest concerns are The Undertaker's hair length, his ex-wife's maiden name and whether "American Badass" is considered a true ring name, or if it's a nickname?

Here's to you, Wikipedia editors. May your days be forever filled with turmoil and your swift hand of justice brutal in swatting away trolls. I won't pretend to understand why you care about The Undertaker so much, but the world almost feels a little bit nicer knowing you're there.


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