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Michael Jordan wanted Frank Kaminsky more badly than anybody has ever wanted anything

The Celtics were willing to give up SO MUCH to draft Justise Winslow at No. 9 ... but Michael Jordan held onto the pick so he could take Frank Kaminsky.

The Charlotte Hornets' pick of Frank Kaminsky isn't exactly being praised. Not only is he not a great fit -- our draft grades ranked the pick as a "C" in that regards -- the Hornets could've drafted Justise Winslow, who was almost universally expected to be picked higher than Kaminsky.

A report from ESPN's Chris Forsberg reveals Michael Jordan had a pretty incredible offer on the table from the Celtics -- but Charlotte held fast so they could get the Wisconsin big man:

The Celtics made a strong final push to multiple teams in spots 4-9 on draft day. It culminated with an all-in effort in attempt to get Charlotte to deliver the No. 9 pick with Boston lusting for Duke forward Justise Winslow (the same player they coveted while trying to shuffle higher).

According to sources, the Celtics' final offer to the Hornets was a package that could have featured as many as six draft picks, including four potential first-round selections (a combination of picks from this draft and in the future). But the Hornets could not be swayed and turned down multiple offers to select Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky.

Grantland's Zach Lowe corroborated the report:

This had to be intensely frustrating for Boston. They were throwing the whole kitchen cupboard at the Hornets for the opportunity to draft Winslow ... and the Hornets turned it down to take some guy they didn't care about. We knew Jordan was intensely passionate about Kaminsky in the run-up to the draft, but the amount he was willing to turn down to take the Naismith Player of the Year is still pretty incredible.