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Draymond Green, Warriors break off contract talks for now, according to report

Green is still highly likely to stay with the Warriors, but it's surprising nonetheless.

The Golden State Warriors and Draymond Green have broken off contract talks, opening the threat of Green signing an offer sheet elsewhere in free agency, according to Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears. The two sides could return to the table and the Warriors have the right to match any offer sheet, but this is nevertheless a surprise.

It was widely assumed that Green would quickly sign a maximum contract with the Warriors after the role he played in helping Golden State win a title. Instead, the two sides could not agree on a deal, though it's unclear where the breakdown occurred.

Green is now expected to take meetings with other teams. The Pistons, Hawks and Rockets are reportedly interested in signing Green, according to Spears.

The danger of Green leaving Golden State is still low because Golden State can match any offer, but it'll be interesting to see if there are any ill feelings that result. The Warriors are expected to go into the luxury tax this year and are shopping David Lee's $15.5 million contract to create more breathing room.