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America and Mexico have sweet football jerseys, plus Australia has KANGAROO HELMETS

International football jerseys are pretty cool.

1. Do you like football? 2. Do you like football jerseys? 3. Do you like AMERICA? If the answer to any or all of those questions was YES, than you will like this: the jersey of the United States national football team:

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

This picture is from the IFAF (International Federation of American Football) World Championship being held in Canton, Ohio. The United States played its first game last night against Mexico, winning 30-6. That guy with the flag is former Army quarterback Trent Steelman, who is playing wide receiver for the Americans and led the team with 73 yards receiving.

Here's another look at the jerseys with a better look at the USA logo on the helmet. I like the star design on the collar, numbers and sleeves:

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

Mexico probably has the coolest uniforms in the tournament -- take a look at these Aztec-themed helmets!

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

As you can see in the second photo up above, that multicolored feather design wraps all the way around the back of the helmet.

There's also some cool Aztec-themed detailing on the jersey -- awesome job by Mexico to honor its nation's heritage with the jerseys.

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

Australia's got some KANAGAROO HELMETS

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

The team calls itself the Outback, so that's on the back of everybody's jersey. The numbers are a bit jacked up, but you can't go wrong with green and gold:

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

Brazil's jaguar helmets are nicer than Jacksonville's multicolored jaguar helmets:

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

They've got some clawmarks on the jersey, too:

Photo credit: USA Football/Ed Hall, Jr.

I'm a bit disappointed Brazil didn't go with the trademark bright yellow the soccer team uses, but maybe their secondary uniform is that color. It would match the quarterback's undershirt.

France's soccer team is "Les Bleus," and so is France's football team:

I'm a fan of the flag trim on the collars and sleeves. I'm not a fan of the dark blue -- I wish the uniform matched the blue of the flag -- but it's a clean-looking jersey.

If you're wondering why there is a big patch that says EAT THE BALL on it, it's apparently a bread company oddly available in Germany, Austria, and Washington state. Here is a picture of Russell Wilson holding a football bread.

Here are South Korea's jerseys, which all have KOREA on the back and has the Taegeuk symbol from the South Korean flag on the helmet:

Japan didn't play in the first round of games, so we haven't seen its jersey yet.


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