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Giants fan belly flops into McCovey Cove to retrieve HR ball

He did not stick the landing.

Baseball fans will do a lot to get their hands on a home run ball. Earlier this year, an Indians fan ruined a perfectly good beer and lost his cell phone when he hopped a rail to grab a ball no one else seemed to want. That level of dedication was nothing compared to this Giants fan.

I'm not sure he properly thought that through in the heat of the moment. Where are his wallet, cell phone and keys? Did he fry a phone and risk losing car keys and his wallet for that baseball? Maybe he camped out on that walkway without those items prepared to take a dive, should a ball happen to go in the water, but that seems unlikely. How is he getting back up out of the water? Is he going to walk around in wet clothes the rest of the night?

There are so many questions. His commitment to getting a free baseball is not in question, however. Not even getting stuck on a bike and doing a belly flop could ruin that moment for him.

Do you, belly-flopping, soaking wet, cellphonless Giants fan. Enjoy that baseball.