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Help name the Yard Goats' mascot 'Chase Buttley'

There will be a grown adult in a goat costume, terrorizing children, and we need to name it.


I'd like to think SB Nation helped, if just a little bit, the name Yard Goats win the vote in the first place. So if you don't mind ...

CC Sabaaaaaathia
Bob Horner
Sam Horns
Pete Tincanviglia
Chase Buttley
Shane Bovidtorino
Kideki Matsui (Goatzilla)
Milk E. Cabrera
Don Muttonly
Travis Hoofner
Pan Musial
Lyle Clovenbay
Angel Pagan Ritual (would just be a bloody, disembodied foam head)
Ibex Gordon
Tin Can Boyd
Nick Swisherd
Capricorn Anson
Max Schevre
Mr. Baph O'Met
Faun Guidry
Butt Gardner
Brett Buttler
Butt Holliday
Something with butts
Udder Biancalana 
Aubrey Gruff
Matt Klomp
Dairy Bonds

Please offer your suggestion and enter in the contest. This is important. Just note that Chase Buttley is probably the best one, and you should submit that one first.