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Yes, it's a slow sports day. But there are still sports to watch!

Yes, there are actual sports. Here's what's on today:

The term "No Sports Day" is loose like "casual Friday" is. Sure there's the option to dress how you like, but you can't sit around the office in your underwear. This is to say there's a little creative license on a day with no football, baseball or hockey -- but here are the sports you can watch today if you prescribe to the letter of the law. All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time.

3 p.m. 2015 Pan America Games: Artistic Gynmastics - ESPN3
4 p.m. NBA Summer League: Bucks vs. Rockets - NBA League Pass
4:30 p.m. NBA Summer League: 76ers vs. Nets - NBA TV
5:30 p.m. 2015 Pan America Games: Wrestling - ESPN3
6 p.m. 2015 Gold Cup: Cuba vs. Guatemala - FOX Sports 2
6 p.m. NBA Summer League: Hawks vs. Heat - NBA League Pass
6:30 p.m. NBA Summer League: Kings vs. Warriors - NBA TV
8 p.m. 2015 ESPYS - ABC
8 p.m. NBA Summer League: Wizards vs. Jazz - NBA League Pass
8:30 p.m. NBA Summer League: Mavericks vs. Lakers - NBA TV
8:30 p.m. MLS: Chicago Fire vs. Columbus Crew - MLS Live
8:30 p.m. 2015 Gold Cup: Mexico vs. Trinidad and Tobago - FOX Sports 2
10 p.m. UFC Fight Night:  Mir vs. Duffee - FOX Sports 1
10 p.m. NBA Summer League: Bulls vs. Cavaliers - NBA League Pass
10:30 p.m. NBA Summer League: Timberwolves vs. Trailblazers - NBA TV