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LeSean McCoy is throwing a party with very specific guest requirements

If you are 21+ and female, you might be invited!

The start of NFL training camps is quickly approaching, and some players are trying to enjoy their last bit of summer before the grind of the season begins. Bills running back LeSean McCoy is among them and is throwing a party on July 26. He even invited people from social media!

And by people I mean women who are 21 years old or older, have a photo ID and sign a confidentiality agreement without knowing where the party will occur, other than in "Philadelphia/New Jersey" or what will happen at it. McCoy initially posted an advertisement for the party on his Instagram account, before deleting it.

If you sent an email to the RSVP email address, this is the response you received back.


McCoy deleted the Instagram post, possibly because the Bills complained that it included their logo.

No word on whether "LeSean McCoy's Private Extravaganza" is still on as scheduled.