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Baseball player juggles ball off his body 6 times before making amazing catch

An important reminder to keep your eye on the ball, even as it bounces off your arm, wrist, shoulder, back, other arm and glove.

We're not sure if this catch by an outfielder for the Lamigo Monkeys of the Chinese Professional Baseball League is the best catch of the year, but it certainly takes the longest time to complete.

The ball starts by bouncing off his glove and slowly crawling up his arm:

Bouncing Catch 1

The ball gets all the way up to the player's back before he realizes what's going on and makes his turn:

Bouncing Catch 2

As the ball bounces off his shoulder, he gets closer to securing it:

Bouncing Catch 3

For a moment, it looks like he's got it after the ball lands on his wrist but NOPE, he's not out of the woods yet:

Bouncing Catch 4

But finally, he secures the ball with his non-gloved hand, completing this bizarre journey:

Bouncing Catch 6

So there you have it -- it only took five GIFs to make that catch. If you're surprised by how this catch unfolded, just think how bad it was for the poor batter:

Bouncing Catch Reaction