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Manute Bol's 6'11 son Bol Bol does things 6'11 people SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO

Sure Bol Bol can destroy shots and dunk on opponents, BUT HE ALSO DOES ALL THIS OTHER STUFF AND IT DOESN'T SEEM FAIR.

The late, great Manute Bol was one of the most fascinating basketball players ever. At 7'7, skinny and springy, Bol was one of the greatest shot-blockers of all time, but every once in a while he'd decide to start launching threes. His son, Bol Bol, might be more intriguing.

At just 15 years old, Bol is already 6'11 and swatting and dunking on fools accordingly. But this video shows that he's got a wide array of dribbling and shooting skills nobody his height should have.

Bol is listed as a 5-star recruit and the No. 19 player in the class of 2018 by ESPN. Despite being 6'11, he's listed at only 180 pounds.

His father was a haphazard shooter from deep -- he did hit six threes in a half that one time, but his flatfooted shot led to a 21 percent career rate from deep. However, the younger Bol has a much smoother stroke, released below his head but still well above the outstretched arms of opposing defenders. He's able to drive past defenders, and did you see that one spin move?

And of course, he blocks a ton of shots, displaying the frightening ability to reject a jump-shooter, catch the shot, and begin driving downcourt in one motion.

Bol is a rising sophomore in high school, so he's a ways away from even playing in college. But teams are sure to start offering him, and if he continues growing and retains his preposterous skill set, he could be really special.

(h/t USA Today High School Sports for finding this.)


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