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Vanuatu beat Micronesia 46–0 in soccer, because sports are still bad

Poor, poor, poor, poor Micronesia.

On Sunday, we told you about Micronesia's 38-0 loss to Fiji in soccer, the largest loss in international soccer history. We also warned you that because of the format of the competition, the third team to play Micronesia, Vanuatu, would be forced to try and score at least 38 goals in hopes of advancing out of its group and qualifying for the Olympics.


Journalist Kevin Darling was at the game, chronicling the sadness as Vanuatu whipped Micronesia, a nation playing in their first-ever tournament who couldn't field a full 23-man roster:

Eventually Micronesia subbed in a midfielder at goalie:

The scorekeeper was frazzled:

Micronesia's coach admitted after the game that many of his players had never been on a full soccer field or left their island.

Sadly, the whooping was for naught. Tahiti tied Fiji in the last game of the tournament, giving them seven and five points, meaning that although Vanuatu had the best goal differential of anybody in the group, their four points weren't enough.

Micronesia isn't affiliated with FIFA, so the record for the largest win in a FIFA match belongs to Australia for their 31-0 victory over American Samoa.


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