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Donald Trump says ESPN, NASCAR cancellations will not stop him from making money, being luxurious and classy

Donald Trump released a grandiose press statement to confirm that he is taking money from people criticizing him and that he will take money from other people too.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Rich person and presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken flak for his comments about Mexican immigrants. A multitude of organizations are cutting ties with him, and that includes sports businesses: The PGA of America will move the Grand Slam of Golf previously scheduled to be held at the Trump National Golf Course in Los Angeles. ESPN will move its annual ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic from the same course. And NASCAR will move a postseason banquet from the Trump National Doral Miami resort.

Donald Trump doesn't mind this. He released a press statement telling everybody that he's still getting money from ESPN and NASCAR and that their decisions to separate from him will only allow him to get money from other people as well:

Rest easy, people worried that Donald Trump would no longer be taking people's money. His lifestyle will remain as luxurious and classy as ever, in spite of people running away from his anti-Mexican comments.