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Trevone Boykin the new Heisman favorite, but Ohio State QB situation will be deciding factor

Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football stuff.

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Boykin or a Buckeye? Bovada updated its 2015 Heisman Trophy odds, and TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin, the fourth place finisher in 2014 voting, has leap-frogged Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott to become the favorite to win the award.

Boykin was given 6/1 odds, while Elliott was given 7/1 odds. However, the big story here might be the Buckeyes. With Braxton Miller now likely coming back to OSU, he jumped up to 10/1 odds to win the Heisman, ahead of fellow OSU quarterbacks Cardale Jones (20/1) and J.T. Barrett (25/1).

The best OSU QB. Speaking of Ohio State and its quarterback "problem," Land-Grant Holy Land has a solution: combine all of the three quarterbacks' best attributes into one super quarterback.

Double preview day! You get two Bill Connelly team previews for the price of one today.

Star Minnesota recruit. Minnesota needs a quarterback. This bear from Minnesota is good at throwing rocks. We've found your next recruit, Jerry Kill.


Bigger House. Michigan understandably has had a lot of offers for neutral site games, and according to interim athletic director Jim Hackett, the Wolverines had an offer for a HUGE game.

The only stadium in the world that is that big -- in fact, the only one bigger than the Big House -- is in North Korea. Could you imagine? More likely, Hackett was talking about a race track. Bristol Motor Speedway, which will host a Tennessee-Virginia Tech game in 2016, seats 160,000 people.

Big 12 East? West Virginia president Gordon Gee sat down with SB Nation for an extensive Q&A and addressed Big 12 expansion rumors. One thing he would like to see? An Eastern neighbor for the Mountaineers.

Would I like to have maybe another member of our conference in this part of the world? Probably so, but those are discussions that are going to take place, and certainly that is part of the consideration.

Gee also said that he has talked to former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel "via text, email and letter." Letter!

Hot Florida crootin'. Former Miami head coach Randy Shannon helped flip a recruit from Miami to Florida. Awkward.


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