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Paul Pierce reveals he has no idea how smartphones work

Paul Pierce will never be able to read this article, because he is just hitting his fist against a rotary phone hoping the Internet turns on.

So, Wednesday was the day everybody in the NBA competing for the love and affection of DeAndre Jordan tweeted humorous emojis. It was all fun and good.

Then 37-year-old Paul Pierce barged in and sent this out on the Internet:

Pierce evidently has no idea that there is a function on smartphones that allows you to access a keyboard with emojis on it, so when he saw everybody was having fun with emojis, he searched "rocket emoji," downloaded the picture of the rocket emoji, and used that. It is a prime example of an Old Person Tech Workaround in an attempt to do What The Kids Are Doing These Days. Other NBA players laughed at him.

However, this is not a new trend. Paul Pierce is perennially baffled by how to use smartphones.

When he wants to send out an old picture on Twitter, he Yahoo image searches the picture he wants to send out and takes a screencap of it, apparently unaware that he could hold his finger down on the picture and save it to his phone and send it out without the search bar, loads of black space, his battery life, and how many bars he has:

When the Patriots won the Super Bowl, he scrolled through over a year of his own Instagram pics and screencapped the picture of himself with Tom Brady rather than just finding the picture in his photo library:

Apparently dissatisfied with the lack of text on that first attempt, he tweeted the same screencap again a minute later:

When trying to get people to pay for a party he threw, he screencapped an image of the party flier from his Facebook timeline:

Oddly enough, he DOES know how to use emojis:

But apparently he's forgotten since May.

Pierce spent all day at Jordan's house with the other Clippers and still doesn't know how to use an emoji. Side note: THAT'S NOT EVEN A REAL EMOJI.

I'd like to genuinely take a moment to appreciate old people everywhere struggling to keep up with young people technology. It generally doesn't work out, but we see you trying, and it's adorable. Keep it up. Someday you'll get the hang of it, but by that point we'll probably be on to the next dumb fad that will last four minutes.

... and even after all that, Pierce was the Clippers' photographer for Jordan's signing. He successfully tweeted the photo!


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