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Kobe Bryant joined the NBA emoji craze in the most Kobe Bryant way

Even Kobe has emojis!

The NBA on Twitter is all a buzz with emojis after the Clippers and Mavericks started an emoji battle in their last-minute pursuit of DeAndre Jordan. Although it initially started as Dallas and Los Angeles players tweeting planes, cars and helicopters to signify they were in pursuit of Jordan, it turned into much more.

Players from around the league and other teams also flooded their timelines with emoji tweets. Notorious tweeter Kobe Bryant was up for a little emoji fun as well, but first he had to learn what an emoji battle is.

ESPN's Jemele Hill was nice enough to fill him in.

Never to be outdone, Kobe counted up his championships before going #mambaout.

The five trophies are obvious, but what emoji message is Kobe really sending? Is he unlocking his trophy case, showing us all how great he is, then relocking it because we are not cool enough to see it again? Is he saying that free agency and anything but winning championships puts him to sleep?

Maybe he is saying to unlock the championship formula, you need to lock in a good nights rest. That's probably it. What a nice guy Kobe is to remind us all about healthy sleeping habits through a coded emoji message.

Roger Federer had a brilliant suggestion for the next time Kobe wants to use emojis.