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Chandler Parsons cracks a joke about DeAndre Jordan's 'pump fake' on Mavs

The Dallas Mavericks thought they had scored a major free agent coup when they lured DeAndre Jordan away from the the Los Angeles Clippers on a four-year $80 million deal. Mark Cuban was even fined $25,000 for publicly talking about the deal. The only problem is, it was only a verbal agreement and Jordan had a change of heart and decided to instead sign with the Clippers.

Jordan's original courtship was a drawn out process and final closing push was even more so. Members of the Mavericks and Clippers both flew to Houston to try to convince Jordan their team was the best option. The Clippers go the meeting and spent then entire night at Jordan's house to ensure Dallas never made a final pitch.

The end result was a major late victory for the Clippers -- who were totally screwed without Jordan -- and a devastating blow for the Mavericks who are now left scrambling to fill the void at center. Justifiably, the Mavericks are not very happy about the late switch.

Chandler Parsons was instrumental in recruiting Jordan to Dallas. Jordan reportedly didn't answer calls from him on Wednesday. Parsons instead responded with this.