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T.Y. Hilton wore a hamburger backpack to Colts' training camp because he's 'ready to eat'

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Remember Reggie Wayne's tradition of showing up to Indianapolis Colts' training camp in something over the top? You may remember he's shown up in an Indy Carhelicopter, military outfit and a dump truck, among other things.

Wayne may not be with the team anymore, but it looks like T.Y. Hilton is stepping for the Colts to keep the tradition going.

Perhaps this is the start of a new trend. Maybe we'll see Marshawn Lynch show up with a Skittles backpack. Victor Cruz could stroll into New York Giants' training camp with a chips & salsa backpack. Peyton Manning wearing a chicken parm backpack to Denver Broncos' training camp seems like a great branding opportunity.

As fun and innocent as this may appear, this isn't just innocent fun. Hilton was trying to send a message:

After seeing the recent extensions players like Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas received, we can't blame Hilton (who is looking for a contract extension) for feeling a rumble in his tummy.