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DeflateGate could be over soon

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But don't hold your breath. Plus, football is back, sort of.

IS IT OVER YET?: DeflateGate could be coming to an end as soon as Wednesday. That's when Roger Goodell, Tom Brady and the other main players in this year's NFL scandal will sit down in a New York court for a settlement conference. It could end it all, but it probably won't. In that case, both sides will file briefs on Friday followed by another meeting in court on Aug. 19. Remember, the goal is to have this wrapped up by Sept. 4.


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FOOTBALL OR SOMETHING LIKE IT: Make no mistake, there was football on your television last night, albeit the preseason variety that featured MyCole Pruitt scoring the first touchdown of the (pre)season in a 14-3 Vikings win over the Steelers.

HALL OF FAME HIGHLIGHTS: Sydney Seau stole the show on Saturday night. We also got a look at the speech she would've given if the rules had been a little more sensible. For Jerome Bettis, the enshrinement ceremony was basically a home game. Chiefs fans relieved their favorite Will Shields memories. Charles Haley told the best golf story we've heard in a long, long time.

NO VOTES: Owners converge on an airport hotel in Chicago for a Tuesday meeting to discuss the race to Los Angeles. The NFL made it clear that no votes will be taken, but that's not to say they won't have plenty to do.

RIP FRANK: The game lost a legend this weekend when Frank Gifford, 84, passed away. Al Michaels, Gifford's longtime Monday Night Football colleague, took some time to remember him during Sunday's game.

BANNER WARS: Enough with the banners. A California pilot died in a plane crash this weekend. He was thought to be the one hired by Eagles fans to fly a banner over Cowboys practice, but it wasn't him. Dallas fans sent a banner to Eagles practice the day before.

HEALTHY COWBOY: Speaking of the Cowboys, a healthy Sean Lee could be a real difference maker for their defense.

MACLIN MIXUP: Jeremy Maclin was fighting at Chiefs camp this weekend.

ALDON SMITH: Are the Giants interested in taking a flyer on the pass rusher recently cut by the 49ers?

ROOKIE QUARTERBACKS: Marcus Mariota is turning heads, making Titans practices something worth watching. In Tampa, Jameis Winston is "on fire."

BUCS EXTEND DAVID: Smart move by the Buccaneers to extend Lavonte David. Here's an inside look at what makes David such an incredible player.