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The Blue Jays' extra ticket and beer sales have almost paid for Troy Tulowitzki's contract already

That's not how this is supposed to work, Blue Jays.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

When the Blue Jays traded Jose Reyes and prospects for Troy Tulowitzki, no money exchanged hands. Tulowitzki was owed $94 million after this season and Reyes was owed $48 million. That means the Blue Jays assumed an extra ... uh ...

/pulls off socks

An extra $46 million. It was a risk. Except, the Blue Jays have apparently almost made that money back already. From Financial Post:

Overall, (Team Marketing) estimates that group of four would pay $270.43 for the whole trip to the ball game, just a few dollars over the MLB average.

That works out to $67.61 per person. Multiply that by 465,000 more bums in seats and you’ve got a whopping $31.4 million — more than triple the extra spending on salaries.

Now, I'm no economan, so I can't replicate those numbers. And those are Canadian dollars, which are about 75 percent as strong as U.S. dollars right now. Still, we're talking about two weeks of extra Blue Jays excitement.

It's almost like ... getting the fans excited helps teams make money? Maybe the Marlins haven't been right this whole time.


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