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Torrey Smith’s son returns for encore, dances his way into our hearts

TJ is back at it

A video posted by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on

Sports babies are the best. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. From Riley Curry just hangin' at NBA playoff press conferences to Dash Day playing around after the PGA Championship, these kids remind us that sports should be fun.

We have to pay respect to the sports baby forefathers, this one being 2 years old. Last year, wide receiver Torrey Smith showed off his 1-year old son TJ doing "The Whip."

When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on

A video posted by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on

After a brief hiatus, and possibly a series of naps, he's back and better than ever.

As good as he was last year, the increased motor skills are surely helping out TJ's dance moves now that he is 2. The little rock star has moves and he knows it. The terrible twos aren't all that terrible when you have a good beat to move to.

Don't let us get started on TJ's smile. We need a Riley/TJ dance-off soon


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