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Bud Light is a big fan of your favorite NFL team (and 27 others)

Bud Light is the perfect beer for Colts/Cardinals/Falcons/Jets/Giants/Panthers/Bengals/Bills fans!

Bud Light wants you to think they like your football team! They're making team-specific slogans for regionally produced cans to appeal to the nation's various fan bases. Now that you know that somebody at Budweiser cares about your favorite team, maybe you'll choose to buy their product rather than a beer actually brewed in your home state!

Of course, they don't specifically care about your NFL team -- they're making these team-specific cans for 28 of the NFL's 32 teams, the 28 of which Bud Light is the Official Beer or whatever. (The outliers: The Bears, Packers, Cowboys and Vikings.) Some of the slogans feature cute witticisms that truly do show a semblance of knowledge about a team/region:

Miami Dolphins: The perfect beer for making tonight like the '72 season -- perfect

St. Louis Rams: The perfect beer for toasting the defense and the ravioli.

Buffalo Bills: The perfect beer for shoveling your way to the stadium at least once a year.

But a lot of them read like something a marketing person trying to come up with 28 team-specific slogans might say. A few examples:

Baltimore Ravens: The perfect beer for entering every door like a stadium tunnel.

To the best of my knowledge, all 31 NFL stadiums have tunnels, both for the fans to enter the stadium and for the players to enter the playing field. They legit couldn't think of anything specific to say about the Ravens besides "I bet their stadium has tunnels." This says a lot about the Baltimore Ravens.

Cleveland Browns: The perfect beer for being Dawg Pound proud.

Browns fans aren't drinking because their Dawg Pound proud. They're drinking because they want to forget.

New England Patriots: The perfect beer for dropping R's, not passes

It hasn't even been five years since the Patriots lost a Super Bowl thanks in large part to a dropped pass at a pivotal moment.

Indianapolis Colts: The perfect beer for horsing around with the boys in blue.

Uhh... did Budweiser just tell me to get drunk and fight a cop?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The perfect beer for channeling your inner Captain Fear

I know this is a reference to the Bucs' mascot but "channeling my inner Captain Fear" is something a serial killer would tell himself to do before capturing and torturing one of his victims.

Here is the full list of slogans, if you want to find your team's slogan. (Or you could just buy Bud Light at your local store of choice!!!!!!!!)

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