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The time NC State's wolf mascots got married by the Wake Forest Demon Deacon

A tale of costumed love.

North Carolina State is not represented by a single wolf. They are a wolf pack, so they have multiple anthropomorphic wolf mascots. Mr. Wuf is a male wolf, as evidenced by his basketball clothing and hat.

Photo credit: Geoff Burke, USA Today Sports

Mrs. Wuf is a female wolf, as evidenced by her skirt, cheerleading outfit, leggings and the ribbon in her hair.

Photo credit: Andy Lyons, Getty Images

You might think "Mr. and Mrs. Wuf" is some naming anomaly, like how Mario is one of the Mario Brothers and therefore is presumably named Mario Mario. It is not: The Wufs are an actual couple. See the ring on her hand? That's a wedding ring. The Wufs are hitched.

But who would marry a pair of wolf-people? It would have to be a figure with some sort of religious authority ... but it would also have to be one with a bit of a skewed moral code. A minister would have to be willing to take one of our most time-honored human institutions and apply it to these not-quite human, not-quite dog hybrids. Where would one find someone like that? A renegade reverend, a perverted parson, a ... demon deacon?

Oh, right in the ACC!

The Wufs were first married in 1981. From the NC State library's website:

At halftime of a baskeball game in Reynolds Coliseum versus Wake Forest, the Demon Deacon presided over the wedding of the two mascots in front of 11,800 people. Escorting Mrs. Wuf to the center of the court was University Chancellor Joab L. Thomas. Also present at the ceremony were two wolf children, although reports are unclear if they were the children of the Wufs or if they were supposed to fill the roles of ring bearer and flower girl. The marriage has been a rousing success, as the couple renewed their vows early in January 2011, with the Demon Deacon once again presiding during another basketball game.

Their bond remains strong: For their 30th anniversary, the pair renewed their vows at another NC State vs. Wake Forest game:

Mascots aren't allowed to speak, so "renewing their vows" involves a lot of hand gestures, from both the Deacon and the happy couple. And of course, there was a creepy mascot kiss:

We hope the couple lives happily ever after. Because, to be honest, as half-human, half-wolf animals obsessed with the same college sports team, they don't exactly have a lot of other options.

You are literally made for each other, Mr. and Mrs. Wuf. We could all learn a lot about love from you two.