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The Houston Astros have brought Clutch City back in a big way

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Before this past week, the Houston Astros' rise from the cellar of the AL West to being in the thick of the 2015 playoff race was already a fun story. However, the fun factor kicked into high gear last week for the Astros, and they went from being a fun story to being the must-see team of Major League Baseball and it was for one reason: Walk-offsSoManyWalk-offs.

Well, there was also a no-hitter that happened for the Astros last week, but there will be more about that later. The point is that the Astros are either really lucky in the late stages of baseball games, or they've just gotten really good at winning games in walk-off style. They lead the league with seven such wins, and they've gotten four of them in the past eight days. It's gotten to the point where the crew at The Crawfish Boxes is wondering whether they should keep the phrase "late game heroics" in the drafts of every game recap. That's a pretty good problem to have if you're an Astros fan.

It's just a good time in general to be an Astros fan. Houston's got so much young and dynamic talent (with Carlos Correa being chief among that group) at their disposal that's still mixed with veteran talent that was brought in at the trade deadline. As a result, the Astros are in a very good position to not only compete for this year, but for the future, as well. Still, they appear to be seizing the moment right now. Like Paul Wall in 2005 (the last time Houston made the playoffs, mind you), the Astros have got the internet going nuts and it's because they've brought Clutch City back.


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