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Soccer player throws himself off stretcher to waste time

Things like this make it hard to argue against those who don't like soccer.

Soccer can sometimes have some ridiculous time wasting, and forward Matias Alonso of Uruguayan team Juventud may have placed himself at the top of the list. This past weekend in a Copa Sudamerica match vs Real Potosi of Bolivia, an injured Alonso throw himself off a stretch to allow more time to waste and prevent a Real Potosi comeback in their two leg tie.

It's so laughable from a natural standout point, but obviously fans of the game, and especially supporters of Real Potosi, have every right to be upset over Alonso's outrageous display. And it didn't help maters that Alonso's time wasting helped Juventud advance, as Real Potosi comeback attempt fell one goal short, 4-3 on aggregate.