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Draymond Green, Hassan Whiteside spend slow summer day insulting each other's games

Draymond Green is known for speaking his mind when he deems it necessary, so Hassan Whiteside probably should've known what was coming next when he tweeted some not-so-nice things about small ball centers on a slow summer night. This is how you start a late-August NBA Twitter feud:

Green, who is 6'7 and often plays center for the Golden State Warriors in their small ball lineups, unsurprisingly took personal offense and responded in kind:

After spending a few hours thinking it over, Whiteside doubled down and added a little flopping diss in the process:

Green then offered "82 million reasons to flop," in a not-so-friendly reminder that he signed a big contract extension and Whiteside makes less than $1 million next season:

Thus concludes this week's edition of Can Basketball Come Back Yet?

* * *

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