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Pretty Good, episode 4: The night a Soviet officer saved all our asses

In 1983, Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov had to choose whether or not to break the rules. His decision may have determined whether you and I are alive right now.

Welcome to the fourth episode of Pretty Good, a series of short documentaries about stories that are pretty good. This is a true story. It is about:

  • Stanislav Petrov, a Soviet lieutenant colonel who may have saved civilization.
  • The fundamental unfairness of human existence.
  • A night so terrifying that drinking half a liter of vodka at the end of it isn't such a bad idea.
  • The career arc of Kevin Costner.


Music credits:

"I Am A God" by Kanye West
"Doomed Moon" by Young Widows
"Corps De Blah" by Scott Walker
"Why Do You Love Me?" by Cocteau Twins
"Chandelier" by Sia

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