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Wave of adorable dogs invades San Francisco Giants game

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#SFGDogDays brought a ton of happy doggies to the park and WHO'S A GOOD BOY!

We've reached the dog days of summer—the small stretch of the vernal season where it gets unbearably hot. But if you're going to be drenched in sweat all day regardless of where you're going to be, you might as well spend it outdoors watching some baseball. Especially if you're with your dog.

The San Fransisco Giants celebrated baseball's barking brethren on Saturday during their game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Some dogs showed up with their adorable Giants gear, ready to root for the home team, while others sat idly by and admired the vast beauty of the AT&T Park Field. Imagine playing in that!

Dog day at AT&T Park! #dogstalking

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One of the cutest from the dog days of summer. #attpark #iwantacorgi

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Even Cheese Doodles were allowed to be brought in to the park—oh wait, that's another dog.

Dog with cheese doodles or P Funk dog?

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Even dogs that weren't at the park decided to show their Giants pride using the hashtag #SFGDogDays.

Dogs should be allowed at ballparks all the time.

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