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Jack Zduriencik's tenure with Mariners a huge pile of failures

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Jack Zduriencik lost his job as the general manager of the Seattle Mariners, which wasn't much of a surprise. The Mariners came in with higher expectations, and, by all accounts, have failed miserably. For years, the Mariners have been a disappointment. The team has signed a couple of notable big free agents, such as Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz, Chone Figgins, and yet, Seattle seemingly can't do anything to make a playoff push. Even with a strong rotation (in theory) with Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, James Paxton and Taijuan Walker anchoring the group, the Mariners have barely made a whimper.

Especially in a division that had so many questions coming into the season, Seattle emerged in the preseason as a trendy pick to finish first in the American League West. Things were seemingly coming together for the Mariners; the lineup personnel was seemingly there, the pitching was there, the defense was there. But like everything in the Zduriencik era, disappoint was inevitable, and not far into the season, many realized that the Mariners would be among the biggest disappointments.

Zduriencik seemingly did nothing well while leading the Mariners. He could not develop any of his prospects into tangible major league talent (Dustin Ackley shining as one of the primary examples), could not get a trade done in the Mariners' favor, highlighted by the trades of Cliff Lee and Michael Pineda, and none of his free-agent signings worked out. Zduriencik's reign at the helm of Seattle seemingly piled on and on in the failure department. With just two winning seasons during his time with the Mariners, Zduriencik having his job for as long as he did seems like the only miracle he pulled off while working for the team