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The International Dota 2 Championships halted by DDoS attack

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A coordinated attack has halted eSports' biggest event.

Stream problems and disconnections have plagued The International over the last two days, and despite speculation that Internet service providers were to blame, it was confirmed Tuesday afternoon that a DDoS attack was the reason for the problems.

The announcing desk revealed the distributed denial of service attack after a third pause halted the best-of-three series between Evil Geniuses and compLexity gaming. There is currently no update on when the series will resume and fans in attendance have said both teams left the stage following the third pause.

It's disappointing on a variety of levels. Firstly that an individual or group would target the event, secondly because it's incredibly unfair on the players. Team compLexity were in control for much of the game prior to the pauses, with Evil Geniuses surging back after each break. Now EG is firmly in command and it's likely the issues are partly to blame.

On the plus side it means we have more analysis and Kaci, which is leading to stuff like this: