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'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin is at Jets training camp

"Watching the Jets is how I come up with new ways to violently slaughter my characters," Martin didn't actually say.

You probably wish George R.R. Martin was holed up in his room, finishing up his next book. But sadly for his fans, he sometimes leaves his house. Martin showed up today at Jets training camp:

Martin is actually a huge Jets fan and often writes about it on his personal blog -- check out posts such as "No, No, No" (about the Tim Tebow trade,)  "Oh, My Poor Jets" and two posts entitled "Jets Crash Again," one of which starts with the phrase "life is meaningless and full of pain." He's also a fan of the Giants, which is kind of a taboo, but Jets fans should let it slide because of that time Martin named a minor character after Bill Belichick and had him eaten by giants in commemoration of the Giants' Super Bowl victories.

Incidentally, Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal published a story today about the awkward problem of how NFL players deal with overhearing GoT spoilers in the locker room.