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Strongman hurls washing machine at Reds game to break world record

Where were you the day the washing machine-throwing record was broken? If you're a Cincinnati Reds fan, chances are that you were probably in attendance to witness this strongman feat of household appliance hurling.

The record was formerly held by Lithuanian strongman Zydrunas Savickas, who managed to throw a washing machine 13 feet and 6.6 inches. But in true American #hero fashion, newcomer Sean McCarthy, wearing a red, white and blue flag and a headband, overcame the odds. He and his majestic man bun lifted the washing machine and ran with the old record, throwing the washing machine 15 feet and nine inches away.

Anyone that keeps up with the appliance-throwing circuit would tell you that this monumental feat of machine manipulation was going to take place on July 17, McCarthy's birthday. Unfortunately, rain delayed the dual celebration of birth and muscles.

Man, the things people do to get their quarters back. The only thing that could have made this strongman feat even more impressive is if he launched the washing machine like a spin-cycle shot-put.