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20 years later, Georgia hangs half a hundred on Steve Spurrier

Revenge is a dish best served two decades later.

Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

In college football, history is part of what makes the present day special. Georgia hanging half a hundred on Steve Spurrier on Saturday night is the latest example.

You see, Florida and Georgia have played their annual series in Jacksonville for much of the modern era. But in the mid-1990s, renovations to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium to faciliate the Jacksonville Jaguars entering the NFL sent the series back to Gainesville and Athens for the first time since the 1930s. And in 1995, when the powerful Gators headed to Athens, Spurrier had a little fun with it — knowing that Georgia had never before given up 50 points at Sanford Stadium, Spurrier had his Gators score late in the fourth quarter to post a 52-17 win.

"I wanted to hang half a hundred on 'em," Spurrier admitted after the game.

Fast forward two decades, and Spurrier's domination of Georgia — no coach has more career wins over the Bulldogs than Spurrier's 16, and South Carolina was 4-1 against the Bulldogs this decade prior to Saturday night — is still one of the defining facts about his career. But that career might finally be coming to an end, and Georgia may help to end it with a fitting bit of symmetry.

On this Saturday night, with the outcome of a Georgia rout of South Carolina well in hand, Mark Richt's Bulldogs repaid the favor, crossing the 50-point plateau on Spurrier's Gamecocks in that same stadium by virtue of a touchdown from Keith Marshall.

And thus, for the first time, Georgia has hung half a hundred against Steve Spurrier.

The only undefeated opponent is time.