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Bengals let offensive tackle Jake Fisher rumble downfield for 31-yard reception

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The Bengals spent a lot of Sunday running out of a power package featuring defensive tackle Domata Peko in to block and offensive tackle Jake Fisher declaring as an eligible receiver. Apparently the Chargers weren't too concerned about Fisher's receiving abilities. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN:

Fly, big man, fly! After hanging around to block for a few seconds, he sprinted downfield, and the Chargers didn't even look at him. That was a 31-yard gain, the longest of the day so far for the Bengals.

Fisher's a second-round draft pick out of Oregon, and, well, if you went to Oregon, you gotta know how to run fast. That's kinda what they do there. He actually played tight end in high school, so he's not unfamiliar with the idea of hauling the ball in and moving with it.