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Steve Smith will never stop insulting the defensive backs he just owned

Steve Smith helpfully details which members of the Bengals defense are trash.

Steve Smith is 36 years old, and he's currently in his 15th NFL season. This age is not stopping him from owning NFL defensive backs: Against the Bengals today, he had 186 yards receiving and two touchdowns, including this absurd fourth-down play that could've been a gain of 5 and ended up a gain of 50.

Age is also certainly not stopping him from talking trash about defensive backs before and after he owns them. This is what he had to say after his go-ahead touchdown with four minutes left.

If you need a translation:

27? TRASH.

24? TRASH!


20? (something bad, presumably)

He's referring to the entire Cincinnati starting secondary: "27" (trash) is starting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, "24" (also trash) is starting corner Adam "Pacman" Jones, "43" (the one who is not trash, but is, in fact, a fuckboy) is starting strong safety George Iloka, and "20" (whatever bad thing he says after that) is starting free safety Reggie Nelson.

We'd tell Steve Smith to "never change," but let's be honest, he doesn't need us to tell him that. He's never going to change.

This is sadly Steve Smith's last NFL season. It doesn't need to be: He could continue saying vicious things about NFL defenders and then backing up his words probably well into his mid-60s. We need some NFL show to hire this man so that he can tell us which NFL defenders are trash until his mouth stops working.

Despite Smith's performance, the Ravens lost 28-24 to the Bengals. Turns out A.J. Green is also good.

* * *

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