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Buffalo's PINBALL PICK-6 is the most exciting play of the NFL preseason

The Bills have perfected the slam-a-WR-so-hard-into-the-ground-that-it-pops-up-for-a-pick-6 defense.

Thursday's game between the Bills and Lions gave us the best play of the NFL preseason:

That Dan Orlovsky pass was a bit too high for Jeremy Ross, allowing Bills CB Merrill Noel to slam him into the ground. Ross didn't have a great grip on the ball, so it popped up nicely off his chest and Ron Brooks ran it back for a comfortable 81-yard score.

We're not sure how no team has come up with this defensive strategy. It's so simple.

1. Slam the wide receiver violently into the ground as soon as he catches it

2. Have a defensive back waiting to catch the ball as it pops calmly into the air for three whole seconds

3. Score a touchdown on every opposing passing play.